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Oshun's Crown is the Beauty Lounge

Oshun's Crown is an intimate, full service, boutique styled salon, providing services to all walks of hair. Keeping up with current trends is extremely important to us so we continue to build on our craft to help elevate your hair to the next level. Knowing how important your crown is, we provide in-depth consultation services to assure that all your visions are documented and met. We take pride when bringing all of your ideas and details to life.


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Jamila Walrond

Master Stylist

Hailing from Montreal Canada, raised and bred in Brooklyn New York, Jamila Walrond fell in love with the idea of manipulating hair at the age of 6 and has established herself as a successful hairstylist for the past 25 years.


A master hairstylist and owner of Oshun’s Crown, Jamila is a phenomenon and the hairstylist of choice for many of today’s high profile and fashion-forward clients. 


Her boutique salon can be described as "Fiercely Feminine"- the perfect mixture between city chic and the flavor of Brooklyn, New York. 

Creative, versatile and passionate about her craft, 

Jamila is highly skilled in executing cuts , color, traditional weaves , natural hair and treatments for all hair types, textures, and lengths. 


Jamila has been creating modern, chic, sophisticated hair and continues to reinvent and revolutionize the hair industry. She has worked with celebrity clients Cardi B, Mickey Taylor , Whitney Houston’s final video shoot ( Million Dollar Baby) , Judge Lauren Lake , and Vanessa Simmons to name a few. In addition to maintaining a roster of high-profile clients, she has also worked on Broadway and with the cast of the hit show, Love & Hip Hop.


Today, she credits her wide-ranging knowledge and education as the key to her success. Her analytical skills, innate creativity, and focus on the customer experience consistently result in thoughtfully crafted hairstyles, as well as Jamila’s specialization; flattering cuts, perfectly tailored to every one of her clients. 


Jamila prides herself on her ability to draw inspiration from New York City’s effortlessly chic style, so having a salon located in the heart of Bedstuy gives her salon, Oshun’s Crown, a distinctive edge. Jamila looks forward to creating a hair experience with you.



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